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Polyarc Studio Director Tam Armstrong stops by to talk Red Dead with Greg, where Moss 2 is, and more!

00:05:06 - Housekeeping
Six-year Cancer Anniversary
The Roper Report -
00:05:50 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Reveal
00:13:21 - Gamers Love Mobile?, Heather Nofziger GIB
00:24:06 - Discord Starts a Store
00:28:44 - 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro announced
00:33:30 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:42:50 - WHERE IS MOSS 2? - Kyle
00:47:45 - Can you ask the good people from Moss what we need to do to get Quill statues made? - Michael Fitzgerald
00:49:42 - How your work life balance has changed since you made the shift from a big studio like Bungie to running your own smaller company? - WhyNotPete
00:52:25 - One of them rotatin’ segments - INSIDE THE CULTURE OF SEXISM AT RIOT - Kotkau - Cecilia D’Ana-sta-sio 28 current and former Riot Employees:: - - Joey Melone
01:05:45 - Squad Up: Adam Walker
01:07:00 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Andrea


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