Children decide own gender, doctor vows to go to jail if forced to help with abortions, Africa’s largest mammal is terrified of this tiny insect, and more in this week's episode of Answers News hosted at the Creation Museum in front of a live audience.

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Christian Club Rejects University of Iowa’s Mandate to Accept LGBT Leaders

‘I’m a Doctor, not a Murderer’: Argentinian Docs Vow to Go to Jail if Forced to Help with Abortions

Africa’s Largest Mammal is Terrified of this Tiny Insect

Rare Dolphin-Whale Hybrid Spotted Near Hawaii

Island Living can Shrink Humans

Study Challenges Evolution of FOXP2 as Human-Specific Language Gene

Primary One Children Will be Told ‘Your Gender is What You Decide’

Yelp is Adding an ‘Open to All’ Feature to Combat Anti-Gay Restaurants

The War on Christians Isn’t Actually Happening

Support for Christians Refusing to Serve Same-Sex Weddings Goes … Up

Make up of an Individual’s Gut Bacteria May Play Role in Weight Loss

Next to its Solar Twins, the Sun Stands Out

Answers News: The War on Christianity – August 9, 2018 - Download